Sunday, October 12, 2008

"JOHN" The Most Famous Call-In Talk Show Listener in Memphis!

Name: John Douglass
DOB: 11/24/1951 Sagittarius
Height : 6’ 2”
Weight: 185

John, tell me something about yourself that the listeners may not know.
When I was 6 years old I was hit by a car and that made it hard for me to learn. I only went as far as the 10th grade in school and most of that was due to social promotions. I donot consider my self a trouble maker but sometimes people take me the wrong way and this has caused me to become a little paranoid.

John, what type of woman do you like?
I want someone who is kind and considerate. I like a woman that does not fly off the handle easily. I want someone who is easy to get along with. I don’t like bossy women. I want a woman who will take me as I am, because as you can see I do not have much (material things) to offer a woman.

John, how long ago were you in a serious relationship?
Three to four years ago.

John, what do you want in a woman?
I just like a good looking woman. I like young women; 18-19 however I am open to the age of 18-50. And yes, I will date outside of my race. I know a lot of people will think I am a dirty old man but I like young women.

What type of relationship are you interested in having?
I am in interested in casual dating, because when things get serious women often mislead me and they have other motives in mind.

John have you ever been married?

John do you have any children?

John, will you date a woman with children?
Yes, the last woman I was involved with had 5 kids. And her kids loved me.

John do you work?

Where and when was your last job?
I worked for Memphis Housing Authority in 1981. I worked in maintenance.

John what are your hobbies and what do you enjoy doing for fun?
I enjoy going to clubs, including shake joints. I enjoy music. I like blues, disco and hip hop

John do you dance?
I use to, but I hurt my leg and now I just sit and listen to the music.

So, John tell me why a woman would want to go out with you.
I am a really nice guy. I like to take a woman out. I enjoy going to fun places. I don’t have no problems. I don’t have no mess.

John, you say you are nice to women, give me an example of something that you have done in the past that most people would consider nice.
In my last relationship, I use to take my woman shopping.

John, how long have you been calling the local radio station talk shows?
For over 17 years.
John, what is different about you now?
In the past people use to pick on me a lot and most of that was because I let them. But now I do not let people pick on me anymore. I often come across negative, but I really try to focus on the positive.

John, what do you want to get out of this whole experience?
I am really not expecting too much, because I know I do not look good to a lot people. I know I do not have a lot to offer. A lot of people think I am strange. I am open for anything. I will meet anybody. I do not expect too much, I will live even if no one wants to meet me.

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