Thursday, February 26, 2009


The New York Daily News is reporting that Chris Brown has enrolled in anger management classes in the wake of allegations that he physically abused his girlfriend, Rihanna.

The troubled singer, who allegedly left Rihanna with a bloodied and bruised face after an altercation, reportedly attended his first anger management class on Monday. An unnamed source, however, says his motive for attending is more about his image than learning ways to control his aggression.

"Chris doesn't actually have to go by law," a Brown source told the Daily News, "but he believes it will make him look better to the public, and he wants to try to get in a few classes before March 5," when the crooner is due to appear in court on charges of making felony criminal threats.

Rihanna, who celebrated her 21st birthday on Friday, is reportedly set to appear in court to testify.

"She'll be there -- she has to testify," explained the source, adding that although Brown faces charges of a felony, he most likely won't face time in jail. "If Chris in convicted, it would be his first offense. He won't go to prison."

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