Thursday, February 26, 2009

Octuplets Mom Offered $1 Million Dollars to appear in XXX film!

If you were in Octomom's shoes and all of a sudden you had the opportunity to make a MILLION dollars if you did a porn film, would you do it?

That's the interesting situation that Nadya Suleman, finds her self in.

According to TMZ, adult film studio Vivid Entertainment has made Suleman, the cash-strapped mother of fourteen, a $1 million offer, plus a year of health insurance, in exchange for doing whatever they need her to do in a XXX film.

"Nadya obviously needs income to ensure that her children are secure, so we are offering her up to $1 million to act in one movie," says Vivid cochair Steven Hirsch.

"We've had many single mothers work with us over the years, and their income from Vivid has been very important to them. We would schedule production so the movie could be shot in less than one week."

Hirsch makes it clear that hooking up with Vivid makes good, bottom line sense for Suleman.

"There is a tremendous amount of interest in Nadya, and we can help her capitalize on that interest and put some real cash in her bank account,"

Hirsch also added that they would do their best to make sure Suleman wasn't put into any, er, compromising positions.

"As with our Vivid Girls, she would have her choice of partners, including 'Octodad.' "

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