Saturday, July 19, 2008


Be Ye Transformed By The Renewal of Your Mind" or remain a prisoner of your own beliefs: Until we start uprooting the true causes of our unhappiness - we will never be happy, nor will we live our best lives, nor reach our greatest potentials! The Pillars on the road to happiness: Honesty, Trust, Acceptance, Awareness, Healing Damaged Relationships and Service!

Something we all must recognize and understand about ourselves: Our personality is not our real self. That's Right, My personality is not me! The sum of a person’s beliefs, attitudes and behaviors is their personality – but this is not who I am.

My “Inner Self” is the real me. The personality is the baggage that our consciousness carries around, so that it can deal with the world to get what it needs. The personality is a life-long accumulation of beliefs collected from family, friends,co-workers, church members and my overall environment, etc, - but it is not who I am –really! My “Inner Self” is who I am…but most of us do not know it yet.

We all must come to the realization, that my inner man and my inner woman wants to show itself for who it really is, but there is a problem - the personality wants to remain in control. My unreal self, the part of me that wears a mask and smiles when I'm dying inside. The part of me that wants everyone to like me, the part of me that's afraid to challenge my weaknesses. Most of us are afraid to show people who we really, because most of us believe that "if I show you my vulnerbilities and weaknesses, the world will not like me - and on top of that, the world will destroy me! Not True! My Personality is not the real me! Until I allow my inner man or inner woman to begin to express itself through my personality and not the the reverse... I will remain unhappy! Now is the time to begin the walk and the journey through the pillars towards real happiness...

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