Friday, July 18, 2008

The Cause of School Violence, Delinquent Behavior and the Answers to Up-Root the Problem!

What is at the root of all bad behavior at Schools or Anywhere? The Environment? No! Economic Conditions? No! The Lack of Parental Involvement? Yes and No! The Teachers? Yes and No! The Politicians entrusted with the Leadership of the School System. Yes and No!

The first step in uprooting bad behavior is to ask rooted questions: What is at the root of bad behavior? We all should know that mis-behaving on a small scale, grows into worst behavior -which is Violence and Murder (fully grown). Example: If we were trying to control a lawn with weeds (crab grass, dandelions, etc.), we would call in a lawn company to "treat" the grass (treat the weeds and help to grow the non-weeded grass) so that the good grass would have a greater opportunity to grow and not be "choked-out" by the weeds, while killing the growth of the weeds at the root". Have any of you ever seen weeds as tall as a house? How is that possible? Answer: No treatment or uprooting the weeds when they were small! "Train up a child in the way that he or she should go and when old he or she will not depart."

How do we begin the "treatment" of bad behavior? We must answer the first question: What controls everyone's behavior -good or bad? And, what is at the root of bad behavior? Answer: Bad Thoughts! Somewhere I read, "So as a man or woman thinketh in the heart (mind) so is he or she! This also applies to young people, as well as adults. Somewhere, I also read: "Be ye transformed by the renewal of your mind!" (not by the clothes you wear, where you live, who my parents are, or what type of home I live in, or car I drive, which girl or boy I like, But by the renewing of my mind.

We have to treat the bad thoughts, false beliefs, and total mis-perceptions and mis-conceptions that students have about themselves, about their peers, about school, about how the world really works and more importantly, about God!

The treatment of bad behavior is very powerful and simple: in order to change behavior, we must replace bad thoughts, false beliefs, imprisoned thinking (weeds), with good thoughts, right beliefs, and real experiences - versus assumed lifestyles on BET, MTV and those peer influences my personality conceives at school: teaching students honesty, truth, inner young man and young woman awareness of who they really are and not who they think they are.

We have to begin the enormous process of getting the root of students false beliefs!!!!!!

I am a tremendous advocate for cognitive therapy, behavioral modification and character development in our public school system, as a permanent curriculum - like , math, science, history, english, and foreign languages, etc. - knowing how the thought process operates and how it determines how I make decisions, decisions that determine my behavioral - is the greatest science of all the sciences and one of the greatest courses that could be offered to students. "SO AS A MAN OR WOMAN THINKETH IN THEIR HEART (MIND), SO IS HE OR SHE!" "Be Ye Transformed By the Renewal of My Mind"

We must begin to advocate for behavioral modification as a permenent curriculum in our public school system - NOW!

"When I Change My Mind, I Change My Destiny, My Money and My Power!"

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