Monday, July 28, 2008


Believe this or not, most of us are clueless when it comes to having a healthy, vibrant and mature "Love and Relationship!" Why: because most of us have never been taught how to make love work, in our "Love & Relationships."

As quiet as it's kept, great relationships are achieved by individuals who have allowed themselves to be open to directions, teachings, instructions, observations and a great desire to internalize wisdom, knowledge and understanding of themselves and the opposite sex, before they enter serious relationships. (This is called Wholeness)

Here's something to ponder about "Love and Relationships": Who taught you how to have a mature and developed love and relationship? Where and how did you learn all that you know about the opposite sex? Have you ever studied "Love and Relationships"- (Psychology 101, Sociology 101, the Bible: (Ephesians, Chapter 5: 22-33), or some of Dr. Laura's Books,) etc. How is it possible to expect great results from something you haven't studied - mastered or become very acquainted with? Have you healed the damaged from the last relationship? Are you a whole "Single" individual before you enter a committed relationship?

Finally, What is Love, Who is Love? Can you define what "Real Love" is (Is Love an Action or a Feeling?) and if you saw it, would you know what it looks like? It's very difficult to see something, if you don't know what it actually looks like, feel like, smell like or taste like, nor if you have never seen "Real Love" up close!

We all have work to do when it comes to healthy, vibrant, mature and developed "Love and Relationships"... Let's Get Started, because if we don't learn how to love and love with a purpose, than our so called "Love and Relationships" are doomed before they start!

"When I Change My Mind, I Change My Destiny and My Love and Relationships"

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